working with BKH be like...


brittany is a wizard behind the lens and is sure to capture every detail, emotion and beautiful moment of your special day. after all the planning, i knew our photos were one thing i didn't have to worry about. brit went above and beyond from the engagement shoot at our family cottage to the final dance off at the end of our wedding day. to have these beautiful photos to look back at with all the most important people in our life is incredibly special to us and one that is well worth the investment. she is not only an amazingly talented photographer, but a beautiful person with an energy i'd want at all my future events. you would be doing yourself a disservice by not booking her for your wedding.

Nicole + bibiana

brittany was an absolute pleasure to work with! she made us feel comfortable during both the engagement and the wedding shoot, and we had so much fun with her. we couldn’t be happier with the aesthetic of the resulting photos, and how she perfectly captured the pure joy that we felt on our special day!


the words to describe the way my wife and i feel about our engagement and wedding photos are endless, but i will try to help you experience our eternal joy. being a lesbian couple, planning our wedding was very nerve wracking. although the world is becoming more progressive, we were both worried that we wouldn’t find a photographer that would not only agree to photograph our day, but also to capture the love that we feel for one another. and then along came brittany.

from the initial meeting, brittany made us both feel so comfortable and made such a lasting impression. the day we met her for our engagement photoshoot, we instantly knew that we picked the right person. brittany was so funny and personable. we were both nervous about the posed type of pictures but the way she shot candid photos of us laughing and being ourselves while having conversations with us - wow! she truly made the experience to feel like we were all friends hanging out, which made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. our wedding day was much the same. we truly felt blessed to have brittany share our day with us and we would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

thank you brittany, always! 


working with brittany was a dream! she is kind, personable and set a laid-back, comfortable tone which we loved. most importantly though, she is super talented and always knew where to be at the right time, snapping really special moments. the photos she took turned out beautifully, and we are so happy with how she captured the story of our day. we would definitely recommend brittany to any couples looking for a similar experience!

MR. + MRS.

we could not recommend BKH photo more! from the very beginning, brittany understood our vision for our intimate wedding. she was communicative, punctual, professional, and friendly. we were initially attracted to her beautiful style of photography, but were quickly drawn to her ability to make us feel comfortable behind the camera, as if we had know her for years! our wedding was very small, and brittany went above and beyond to ensure we had the day of our dreams. we now have the most wonderful memories and snapshots of this day. it truly would not have been possible without her.


brittany’s talent goes above and beyond the creation of striking images. her humour and warmth allowed us to feel instantly at ease, and as a result, she captured the special moments of our wedding day not only beautifully but truthfully. the emotions she manages to display within the frame are nothing short of breathtaking, and i could not have imagined our day without her. looking at her images gives me a lump in my throat- i’m amazed at all the quiet moments she was able capture. her dedication to her craft is evident in every image, and she brings a raw honesty in her photographic approach. she has been a pleasure to work with, is a true artist, and the most kindhearted soul.

you’re a gem, BKH.


finding the right photographer for our wedding was really important to us. we had a very specific vision in mind as to how we wanted our intimate wedding to be captured. after discussing our ideas with brittany, it was clear she understood exactly what we were looking for and we immediately felt confident in her abilities. brittany did an incredible job capturing our wedding celebration and we were completely amazed by her talent. she made us feel at ease and was beyond accommodating at shooting at various locations at all hours of the day and night. everything from the big moments to the quiet ones, she captured it all beautifully in a way that was natural and honest. we cherish our beautiful wedding photos and are forever grateful that brittany was a part of our special experience.


i have been fortunate to work with brittany a few times and i hope to do so again in the future. the photos she has captured of my family are my most cherished photos and i am always brought back to a place in time that is beyond words when i look at them. her eye for capturing the candid and unposed moments between people is a beautiful gift. the subtleties she catches, the small gestures and glances, pieces of the environment that add to the story- it is all so seamless. we have many of her photos printed around our home! 


working with brittany was an absolute dream! she made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera & she was also super personable which made the experience that much better. we’re so grateful she photographed our wedding, she captured the most precious moments & we can’t thank her enough! i can’t wait to work with her again in the future!

STephanie + CHRis

brit has been a friend of mine for many years, and i have worked with her on a number of promotional photoshoots for my retail store while she lived in winnipeg. i am not a natural when it comes to photoshoots, but brittany had such an incredible way of making me feel at ease and comfortable in my own skin. so when i got engaged in 2018, there was no question in my mind that brittany was going to be the gal standing by me and capturing our wedding day, even though she had since moved to ontario. as soon as she received my request, she quickly overcame the distance obstacle by graciously arranging to fly back to winnipeg to document our big day. we were over the moon when we heard this news! my wedding jitters were immediately calmed because i knew our photos were in the most capable hands. once the wedding day rolled around she did an incredible job of capturing not only the ceremony and reception, but also our rehearsal dinner as well as the candid "getting ready" and moments in-between. her artistic vision and art direction was a godsend and the phenomenal finished product is a testament to her talent. we were nothing short of blown away.

thanks brit! as always, you da best, girl. XO


when we started planning our wedding, we agreed that finding the right photographer was our top priority. we realized that, of all the things we'd pay for, our photos would be the most long-lasting. they would be the eternal documentation of the day we became husband and wife. our photos would be the things we'd pull out to show our future children and grandkids. we wanted someone who could capture the day as we remembered it. someone who would catch all the best moments, without being intrusive. after a long search, brittany was the one. i can confidently say that we made the right choice. brittany did it all - from trekking through the mossy river in elora for our engagement shoot, to catching the unposed expressions of pure joy on our wedding day. it's true what they say, your wedding day is absolutely one of the best days of your life. now, thanks to brittany, we have each moment of that day forever saved. our wedding album is a treasure i'll be proud to share, for generations to come!


working with brittany is super easy, relaxed and fun. even if you are camera shy you will be wowed with the beauty and authenticity in the images she captures.