capturing tiny moments, or the "in-betweens" has always been my thing. i love what happens naturally and find value in snagging those memories, as well as the "big ones." the little things add so much more than you would think, and i strive to include even the tiniest of elements in order to bring you right back to that day. candid happenings, bits of setting, all the carefully curated details - they all have a part to play when i'm at work.

the BKH experience


with me you won't feel posed, rushed, unlike yourself or even like you need to know what to do with your hands. we'll take our time, and i'll shoot what happens. i love seeing a moment unfold and shooting it as it happens - it's most authentic that way. i live for capturing the biggest times in your lives in such a way that when you look back, you can see the things you saw, feel the way you felt.

F A Q:

are you LGBTQ2S+ inclusive?

absolutely - 1000%!


is an engagement or couples shoot a must?

while not an absolute must, i'd venture to say alllmost!

i offer a pre-wedding shoot (call it what you want) with all my packages and i LOVE this time together with new couples. it really gives us a chance to get to know each other and get a taste of what it'll be like on the big day. every single couple i've worked with walks away feeling so much more comfortable, and prepared after our "practice run."

how can we prepare for our shoot with you? What should we wear?

first: don't be nervous - we're going to have fun and it WON'T be cheesy!

second: choose a location for your session that's very YOU as a couple. if you love the outdoors, let's go for a hike! if you spend your weekends sampling new craft brews or cocktails, let's go for a drink. live in the city and love the feel of the bustle? let's stroll around and see what we can find. homebodies? a cozy in-home shoot is always an A+ idea.

one thing we shouldn't do? choose something just for the photos it'll produce... like getting into a canoe, or hiking to a waterfall if you don't love getting dirty or being outside. ;)

similarly, wear something that's also very you; something that makes you feel like a stunner, but is also comfortable. there's always something about uncomfy clothes that comes through in photos. when you look at these memories, i want you to see your truest, most real selves!

are pets allowed at our shoot or wedding?

for sure! all i ask is that in areas where a leash is required, we abide. even better, if you've got a pal that could come along to wrangle - amazing. (this way, your furry friend doesn't have to be in *every* photo.)

is a first look necessary?

no, but i think you'll want one, and i highly recommend it.

here's why: not only is a first look one of the most intimate parts of the day, but doing one allows for the most photo (AND party!) efficient schedule.

let's break down the first part first: it's no secret i LOVE intimate moments and first looks take the cake - they are my favourite! think about it: on one of the busiest, people-filled (for some) day, this is a chance to start slow with your person. let the worries melt away as the first "big" moment of the day is just the two of you; taking each other in, breathing deep, holding each other. most are the most emotional part of the day - they get me every time.

(ex: isn't this one between D+S just the sweetest?!

on a more technical note, having a first look provides the opportunity to shoot the majority of your photos prior to the wedding ceremony. we can cover the couple portraits, wedding party portraits and even family portraits, all before the ceremony, so this leaves you free to join your guests at the party in speedy fashion post "I DO"!

what are your packages + payment structure like?

shoot me an email and i'd be happy to send it along to you, or you can find the link at the bottom of this page. i do like to go over everything together with my potential couples, and will happily try to make alternative packages work to accommodate everyone who gets in touch - let's talk!

where are you located?

you can find me just south of the muskoka-area. BUT! i'll gladly travel wherever the love leads.

do you shoot destination weddings?

of course! let's chat about where you're tying the knot and go from there.

are travel expenses included in your packages or charged separately?

travel expenses (parking, mileage, etc) vary depending on where my work takes me, so travel for each event and shoot is determined upon consult. destination weddings are expensed more-or-less similarly with accomodation, flight and food allowances.

can you book a second photographer for our Day?

absolutely! i work with a number of talented photographers that i would happily have by my side for you. these gems are all vetted by myself and take a similar approach to what i do.

how long does it take to receive our photos after our event? how many will there be? how will they be delivered?

on average, most portrait sessions can be delivered in under a month; weddings, two months.

with respect to how many images will be delivered, every session or wedding is so different, so i don't like to give a number, but strive for quality over quantity. (even though the quantity often happily surprises most!)

all photos are delivered right here on my site, in a private password-protected gallery.

can we print our images? if so, where should we go?

of course! once delivered, you are able to download two sizes of your images - for web + for print. i suggest that you download both and back them up in at least two spots.
when you print your images, it's important to choose a printing house that will translate what you're seeing on the screen to the physical media. for this reason, please stay away from places like walmart, costco or staples as the quality tends to suffer there. my top picks would be downtown camera or toronto image works and both spots do online ordering and ship to you - easy peasy!

do you make albums?

i do. i think it's so important to print your images to keep your memories in a place tangible. please get in touch to get started, i would love to create something beautiful for you!

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think we'd be a good fit?

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