my name is brittany

as a mother of two and partner of one, my hands are always busy, my heart always FULL. there is something so special about these roles, and they inform + inspire my work endlessly. as for the day-to-day, you can pretty much always find me dancing somewhere; with either snacks, or some kind of camera in my hands.

my process

a few of my favourite things...

black coffee + cookies, white wine + conversation, sour gummies + a good podcast

my kids' toes - all 20 of 'em, fresh flowers just cuz, loading a fresh roll of film

laughing til it hurts with my besties, a late night followed by a sunrise, music + dancing: anytime, all the time

get a little more personal

with my analogue journal


above all...

i love a good love story - let me tell yours

book with bkh