what's the difference - 35mm, 120mm, instax?

each format is a different type of film, a different camera, a different look. with 35mm film, the standard size is 4x6 and it's shot on either colour or black + white negative film. i shoot this with my canon elan ii camera. with 120mm film, the standard size is 6x6 and can also be shot on colour or black + white negative film. these are shot on my holga camera - a plastic camera with a plastic lens. this gives a nostalgic look and is often the recipient of "happy accidents" like interesting focus and light leaks. double exposures are also a fun one with the holga. instax at bkh photo is shot on the "wide" model camera, with colour prints that are 2x3. all three formats are shown below.

will the film photos be edited?

yes, minor adjustments in exposure and colour correction will be applied, as well as the base editing that i provide for anything distracting. i do not add my lightroom presets (for digital) to film photos as they already have their own look.

will we get every frame? when we will we receive them?

due to the nature of analogue photography and its unforeseeable outcome, there's no guarantee that the amount of photos purchased when selecting quantities of film will be the amount that will be delivered. i'll do my best! :) you'll get the digital files once you receive your wedding album.

will we receive prints?

you will receive a digital copy and five chosen prints for 35mm, two chosen prints for 120mm. if you've purchased instax - you will get all of those after they're scanned.

FILM add-ons:

+ 36x colour roll 35mm film: $100

+ 36x black and white roll 35mm film: $125

+ 12x colour roll 120mm film: $100

+ 12x black and white roll 120mm film: $115

+ 20x instax instant photos: $75




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